Collaborative Applications

Regardless of which process you want to improve, and which robot you prefer, the One System Solution helps you automate swiftly and seamlessly.

OnRobot's cutting-edge solutions and tools provide thousands of businesses worldwide with perfect versatility and ease of use. The possibilities are utterly limitless, but if you're curious for examples, find the most common collaborative applications below.


Transferring, Sorting, Packaging, Palletizing
Deburring, Sanding, Polishing, Buffing, Drilling, Milling
Measuring, Testing, Inspecting
Inserting, Mounting, Positioning, Screwdriving, Nutdriving

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How to Grow your Business with Collaborative Applications
With the dawn of smarter, more adaptive tooling, robots can now function with greater speed, strength, safety and precision, accomplishing a wide range of tasks, while maximizing ROI. Learn more on how you can enable faster production at lower costs by downloading our free eBook.
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